Víctor Manuel CRUZ-ATIENZA

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Instituto de Geofísica, Departamento de Sismología
Circuito de la Investigación Científica s/n
Ciudad Universitaria, 04510, México D.F.
Phone: + (5255) 56-22-41-26 (ext 140)
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- Curiosity, creativity, passion and discipline -

Full Professor at the Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM

Investigador Titular B - PRIDE nivel "D" - SNI nivel "2"

Research interests:

  • Earthquake dynamics and wave propagation: Numerical modeling by finite differences and discontinuous Galerkin methods. Dynamic source inversion from strong motions records
  • Tectonic tremor analysis and source modeling: Poroelastic Slow-Slip (SSE) numerical modeling. Particle motion polarization and energy-based source scanning methods
  • Crustal structure determination: Receiver functions and surface waves analysis
  • Broad-band volcanic seismology: Explosive source analysis and magnitude determination
  • Multi-parametric inversion: Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing methods

Scientific projects:


  • SATREPS: Hazard Assessment of Large Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Mexican Pacific Coast for Disaster Mitigation. Mexico and Japan bilateral cooperation (JICA-JST-UNAM-CENAPRED). Years 2016-2021 (Mexican PI)
  • PAPIIT: Assessment of the Seismic and Tsunamigenic Potentials in the Guerrero Seismic Gap. Number IG100617. Years 2017-2019 (co-PI)


  • CONACyT: Seismic and Tsunamigenic Hazard Assessment in the Guerrero Seismic Gap. Number 273832. Year 2016 (PI)
  • PAPIIT: Analysis of tectonic tremors in south-central Mexico and poroelastic modeling of the associated slow earthquakes. Number IN113814. Years 2014-2016 (PI)
  • CONACyT: Deterministic modelling of strong motions from large expected earthquakes in the Himalayas and Central Mexico. Number 164056, bilateral cooperation between Mexico-India. Years 2011-2013 (Mexican PI)
  • Marie Curie: High Performance Computing for Geophysical Applications (HPC-GA). International Research Staff Exchange Scheme. Number 295217. European Commission. Years 2012-2014 (Mexican PI)
  • CONACyT: Toward the integration of a regional velocity model for numerical simulation of ground motions in the Valley of Mexico. Number 80205. Years 2009-2011 (see details) (PI)
  • PAPIIT: Dynamic source inversion of Mexican earthquakes. Number IN119409. Years 2009-2011 (see details) (PI)
  • Internal Grant: The seismic cycle: aftershocks, rupture speed and friction. Year 2008 (see details) (PI)

A glance of my work:

My Team:


  • Carlos VILLAFUERTE, PhD student (Dynamic source modeling of the Mexican subduction zone)
  • John DIAZ, PhD student (Seismic hazard in Mexico City from dynamic earthquake scenarios)
  • Gabriel REYES, PhD student (Crustal structure under an active volcano)
  • Aron MIRWALD, MSc student (Dynamic source inversion of Mexican earthquakes)
  • Ana ROCHER, MSc student (Regional structure determination)



  • Complex Variable Analysis. Graduate course, School of Engineering, UNAM
  • Introduction to Seismology. Postgraduate course, Institute of Geophysics, UNAM (details)
  • Advanced Seismology. Postgraduate course, Institute of Geophysics, UNAM (details)


Scientific Outreach:

  • Book: "Los Sismos. Una Amenaza Cotidiana" (2013, ISBN: 978-607-8205-05-9) by "La Caja de Cerillos Ediciones" (more than 25,000 books sold !)
    • Book presentation press release
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    • Interview on Canal 22 with Laura Barrera (click here)
    • Interview on Canal 11 with Javier Solórzano (click here)
    • Interview on TV Azteca with Iván Carrillo (click here)
  • Television, radio and magazines interviews (click here)
  • Sismociones Libres Homepage (click here)


Since: May 2006

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