Víctor Manuel CRUZ-ATIENZA

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Instituto de Geofísica, Departamento de Sismología
Circuito de la Investigación Científica s/n
Ciudad Universitaria, 04510, Ciudad de México
Phone: + (5255) 56-22-41-26 (ext 140)
E-mail: cruz@geofisica.unam.mx




























- Curiosity, intuition, creativity, passion and discipline -

Full Professor at the Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM

Investigador Titular C, PRIDE nivel D, SNI nivel 3

I’m interested in the physics of earthquakes, from the rupture process to the seismic site effects. I develop theory to look for and interpret observations in terms of physically-consistent fault processes and properties of the solid earth. Data inversion techniques and forward modeling are my primary tools. I’m involved with the earthquake source dynamics, slow earthquakes, wave propagation and the earth structure.

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Scientific projects:



  • PAPIIT: Assessment of the Seismic and Tsunamigenic Potentials in the Guerrero Seismic Gap. Number IG100617. Years 2017-2019 (co-PI)
  • CONACyT: Seismic and Tsunamigenic Hazard Assessment in the Guerrero Seismic Gap. Number 273832. Year 2016 (PI)
  • PAPIIT: Analysis of tectonic tremors in south-central Mexico and poroelastic modeling of the associated slow earthquakes. Number IN113814. Years 2014-2016 (PI)
  • CONACyT: Deterministic modelling of strong motions from large expected earthquakes in the Himalayas and Central Mexico. Number 164056, bilateral cooperation between Mexico-India. Years 2011-2013 (Mexican PI)
  • Marie Curie: High Performance Computing for Geophysical Applications (HPC-GA). International Research Staff Exchange Scheme. Number 295217. European Commission. Years 2012-2014 (Mexican PI)
  • CONACyT: Toward the integration of a regional velocity model for numerical simulation of ground motions in the Valley of Mexico. Number 80205. Years 2009-2011 (PI)
  • PAPIIT: Dynamic source inversion of Mexican earthquakes. Number IN119409. Years 2009-2011 (PI)
  • Internal Grant: The seismic cycle: aftershocks, rupture speed and friction. Year 2008 (PI)

A glance of my (old) work:



  • Josué TAGO, Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at UNAM (Applied mathematics for geophysics)
  • Carlos VILLAFUERTE, Posdoctoral reseracher (Laboratoire de Géologie, École Normale Supérieur, Paris)
  • John DIAZ, PhD student (Seismic hazard in Mexico City from dynamic earthquake scenarios)
  • Ana ROCHER, MSc student (Regional structure determination)



  • Complex Variable Analysis. Graduate course, School of Engineering, UNAM
  • Introduction to Seismology. Postgraduate course, Institute of Geophysics, UNAM (details)
  • Advanced Seismology. Postgraduate course, Institute of Geophysics, UNAM (details)


Scientific Outreach:

  • Book: "Los Sismos. Una Amenaza Cotidiana" (2013, ISBN: 978-607-8205-05-9) by "La Caja de Cerillos Ediciones" (more than 25,000 books sold)
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Since: May 2006